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 Kohaku extra parts  

Solder PCB

Hot Swap PCB 

Extra Alu Plate 

PC Plate 

Important Disclaimer:

The PC plate may offer a different typing experience compared to other metal plates
. You may experience bottoming out from:

  • softness of the plate material (similar to POM, PP)
  • plate design ( cannot be changed due to the mounting screws position
  • force of typing (important factor to consider)

For those are not familiar with typing experiences associated with softer plate materials or if the above is not acceptable to you, we recommend considering a different plate material, such as CF or aluminum.

CF Plate 

Tempered Glass 

Gasket (20pcs)

Kohaku Extra Weights

3 Parts in 2 Material
- Top Weight Guide
- Middle Weight
- Bottom Weight Guide

Material / Finish
- Brass / Sandblasted & Clear Coated
- Stainless Steel / Sandblasted & Clear Coated

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