[ GB ] Aqua mint Mariny & Melony by JJOCAP

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[ GB ] Aqua mint Mariny & Melony by JJOCAP

Meet a color-changing keycap Mariny & Melony!
Touch it, and you will see its color changing.
5USD discounted price for Mariny is offered to celebrate its debut.

GB: Sun. 13 Aug. 12:00pm- Sun. 20 Aug. 12:00pm (GMT +9)

Fulfillment: 2-3 weeks

Keycaps Specifications:

- Resin multi casting
- MX Stem

- Color change in response to different temperatures 
(The degree of color change varies depending on the temperature of the room you store it. It changes completely at 28 degrees celsius). 

TWO versions of artisans:

- One fully changes its whole key cap

- The other partly changes the character's body only

Express Shipping : DHL or FedEx or EMS

Standard Shipping : K-packet or Proxy (AU, SG, US)