Dolice Extra Parts

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Dolice Extra Parts


- Dolice Extra PCB


- Dolice Daughter Board & JST Cable 


- Dolice Plate

Brass (Material : Brass, Finishing : Sand Blasted & Clear Coating)
- Brass plate has some marks which were made during production process. Please consider and understand all brass plates have the same marks, which are not scratches or flaws.

PC (Material : PC, Finishing : Frosted (Sand blasted))

Alu (Material : Alu, Finishing : Anodized Silver)

UHMWPE (Material : UHMWPE)

POM (Material : POM)

CF (Material : Carbon)


- Dolice Wrist Rest


 - Clear wrist rest might have some minor scratches, in certain angle or lights. This is standard deviation that we had to allow factory for this certain treatment. If you are sensitive and can't accept those deviation, please choose frosted option. 



- Film


Wrist Rest


- Sticker Pack


- Brass Insert

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