[ Pre-order ] Gestalt by Akuko Labs

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[ Pre-order ] Gestalt by Akuko Labs

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Pre Order Open : 2024 April 10th ~ until the current stock runs out
Estimated Ship Date : 2024 Q2 


Gestalt is a tribute to the beauty, simplicity, and versatility of the Bauhaus Artistic Movement. Drawing directly from the Bauhaus design language, each legend has been with primary shapes—circles, squares, and triangles—and utilises the Bauhaus colour palette of blue, yellow, and red. This design choice not only pays homage to the Bauhaus movement but also creates keycaps that serve as functional art pieces, with the shapes and colours subtly hinting at the underlying legends they represent.


To keep things simple there is a single all-in-one kit that covers a lot of different layouts. Full support for Alice, HHKB, 60%, 65%, 75%, 1800, 100%, macOS, terminal ISO and 4-key 40’s.

Manufacturer : Keyreative
Material : PBT
Profile : Cherry MX
Thickness : Top side : 1.7mm, 5 side: 1.5mm

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