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Sales Type - FCFS

ETA - 2022 July

- Black Anodizing
- Gray Semi Hard Anodizing

- Hotswap PCB
- Case - around 4.8kg
- Wrist Rest - 2.4kg

Shipping Cost (DHL or Fedex Express)
- NA : USD 95
- EU & Oceania : USD 100
- Asia : USD 70

- Shipping Insurance : USD 12

QC Standard

- Any internal flaw which is not being seen in normal built will not be considered for reason of refund or replacement.

- You can claim for refund or replacement for any unit that is not being able to assemble properly by design or processing issues for plates, top and bottom cases or internal weight.

- For external parts, there might be minor color variation between top and bottom cases. We will not accept refund or replacement claims for this color variation.

- For scratches and dings
You can claim for refund or replacement for any scratches in outer parts which can be seen in normal build, which is larger than
3mm of scratch and/or 1mm of ding.
You can claim for any anodizing stains larger than 1cm.

We will try our best to deliver the best QC with this project.

Thank you.

Shipping world wide via DHL

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