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[ GB ] Uchu no pikuniku Deskmat

It’s Uchu’s day out! This time, he’s going on another little adventure, his very first picnic!

GB period : 10 Feb 2023 - 12 Mar 2023
Est. fulfillment : July 2023

- Available in 2 colours and 3 sizes.
- Each deskmat comes with Uchu's polaroid sticker for every corresponding colour of the deskmat ordered.
- 4mm thickness
- High quality print, colour stitched edges
- Rubber bottom, anti-slip
- Plastic drawstring bag, cardboard box

Material surfaces
- Smooth material is made up of microfibre material. A smooth silky surface for easier mouse gliding movements.
- Rough material is made up of mixed materials. It is a more textured type that provides a more controlled mouse movement.

L - 900x400mm
- Yellow Autumn - smooth / rough
- Sketchbook - smooth / rough
M -600x360mm
- Yellow Autumn - smooth
- Sketchbook - smooth
S - 370x160mm
- Yellow Autumn - smooth
- Sketchbook - smooth

Prototyping process: https://uchu.club/blogs/news
Designer: uchu.club
Manufacturer: KLC Hobbyists' playground

Regional vendors
EU: keygem.com
UK: prototypist.net
JP: basekeys.jp
Oceania: soupkeys.com
SEA: zionstudios.ph
SG: uchu.club

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Colour Accuracy
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